Saturday, July 16, 2011

The US government should outlaw golf clubs. They darn near killed my kid!:)

My son Timothy, age nine, was playing golf with his best friend Andre  yesterday and it turned into a disaster! They were taking turns hitting the ball when Andre swung and missed. Here comes Tim to take his turn when Andre swings again and hits Tim point blank smack in the face, knocking two front teeth completely out of his mouth and one other shoved back into his mouth. I was at the ranch and came home to find my wife ready and waiting to leave for the state capitol Hermosillo five hours away where our dentist lives.
    We could only find one tooth, thankfully it was the front one. We put it in a special solution on ice and were sitting at the dentist office five hours later. Tim had to have surgery but the tooth was replanted and he is now doing fine....minus one tooth:( The dentist said when Tim is fifteen, he can get braces and close the gap of the missing tooth.

The bill.....$1000.00   in the States it would have been five-six grand so can't complain I guess.