Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lets Rant Some More

   I'll gladly admit I have been an ultra pro life person ever since I can remember and have always abhorred the sick abortion cult. Now we have these Planned Parenthood videos coming out to reveal the stark barbaric acts of humankind! But I am not willing to be that nice. I'll go as far to say these "butchers" are subhuman demons whose vile acts will eventually bring the wrath of an almighty God down on this nation! How a human being can even stoop to this level is beyond me. Are they possessed by Satan? Hmm me thinks they are.
    The pro-life movement needs to wake up and realize their efforts are worthwhile, one life saved is worth it all I agree, but nowhere near to stoping this barbarianism.
    Most of the pro life speakers, news people, bloggers and commentators all liken the demons who run Planned Parenthood and who perform  abortions to Hitler and his SS agents, or Mussolini and his gang, but they all  advocate the same thing...peaceful protests; call your legislators, pray, defund the Planned Parenthood cult.
   Now here comes the lightning bolt of a question...How did we rid the world of the likes of Hitler and Mussolini?
   I have a suggestion just in case no one likes how we eradicated Hitler...
   Make abortion a capital crime punishable by death (uh last time I checked, murder is murder) and take the billions that fund this horrific genocide and spend it on educating pregnant mothers...and fathers and help them find a better path.
   One thing I agree with is prayer...we need to pray for deliverance!

   More fuel for the mind.

Monday, May 4, 2015

I'm a half century old.......aaaaaaahh!

For my fiftieth birthday, my eldest daughter made me this amazing quilt. I didn't even know it was possible to do this but I guess I'm behind the times when it comes to technology. 
Also....I have to brag some more or my boys will feel left out. This is what they bought me for my grand ol' fiftieth.... that sounds pretty old huh.  m

Sunday, January 25, 2015

 Here's a little something from On The Fly Publications....take a few secs and enjoy. Also go to and check out all his cool stuff. If you liked my book please take a few secs to post a review on amazon...thanks a billion;-)