Sunday, September 29, 2013

No excuses

 We are picking chiltepin and pomegranates and the roundup starts on the fourth of Nov so we have a busy schedule for the next month or so. And then there's thanksgiving! Wow, time flies.

Was just reading some of my older posts and I find it interesting how we change through the years. Especially how we seem to know what the future holds. Most of the time we are wrong, but I sure enjoy the guessing game;-)
I did get the "USA is on a downward spiral" one right though. Ever since Bush took office and especially since Obama, the country has been heading into a black hole to who knows where.

It's amazing that a president will go against the people's will, his country, congress and the entire world just to plunge us into another senseless war against a country that doesn't make a difference in our lives. Even worse, he's supplying millions of dollars in weapons to the same terrorists who we've been fighting ever since the beginning of terrorism! What a f-ing disgrace.

Why, is the question of the year.

My answer is because he (Obama) wants to take his absolute 100% failure at running this country out of the spotlight. He simply can't handle the FACT that he failed miserably on all accounts and now wants to start WW111 to get the media off his back. The only promise he made right on was, his promise of CHANGE. Thank you Mr. President, you sure came through for us on that one. You gave us Obamacare, which is a massive failure and tax burden on taxpayers. You gave us socialism, NSA spying, huge tax increases, monstrous national debt and more scandals than all previous presidents combined. Yeah you promised change... for the worse.

Check out this probable future scenario called "The shoe's on the other foot, jackass"

Obama declares war on the Tea Party Patriots and skirmishes break out across the country. China and Russia decide they don't like what Obama is doing and decide to go to war against USA and remove that "worlds worst dictator" from office and put one of their own puppets in the White House.
How would Obama and congress feel about that? How would the people feel? Preposterous, unthinkable, no? Well that's happening right now with Syria.

Fuel for the mind.