Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Harvest.

This week I will finally be done harvesting and thrashing my chiltepin peppers. Now, since it is a new venture, I need to find some buyers. Last year at the pecan convention there was a buyer from China asking about chiltepin, so I figure to try and contact him somehow. Chiltepin is the second most expensive spice in the world today and is apparently in high demand so I shouldn't have a problem....fingers crossed.

Here is a pic of some chiltepin drying on my front porch;-)

On a different note, THANKSGIVING is right around the corner. It's our biggest celebration of the year. Only this time it's not going to be the same:-((  
At least half of the normal family and friends can't make it this year, so needless to say, our normal huge thanksgiving bash will be simmered down to a small party...boohoo.
There will still be the big dinner and lots of outdoor sports. We're still having the dance and talent show, but no carnival or quad ride:-(
After the holiday weekend it's off to the ranch for roundup time! Everyone is welcome so bring food, tents, fishing poles, camping gear, cameras, sombreros. I'll supply the horses, saddles and rodeo entertainment.
It's amazing how time goes by so fast. It seems like only last week we were celebrating thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My book is finally published, hooray!

My first book, Kids Who Tell It Like It Is has been published and is available on all digital ebooks at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes Noble. 
This book presents more than two hundred humorous situations from the family of author Lafe Langford and from families around the globe.
This honest work will tickle your funny bone by opening your eyes to the bright, beautiful and often hilarious views of a child. Here is the link.

Monday, November 7, 2011

2012...Is the Year of Crisis!

2012...Remember that date folks. Because that's the year it's all going down, down, down. There will be a worldwide economic collapse starting with the good o'l USA. This address will take you to a video that will shock you and also warn you of the coming crisis it 2012. Just type it in your address bar and prepare to be amazed. This same economist predicted correctly the last crisis in 08.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is my favorite time of the year, harvest season. Besides the fall colors and the cool haunting winds, it's harvest time! For the last two weeks I've been harvesting my crop of Chiltepins. For those of you who don't know what a chiltepin is I will post a picture of them here. Chiltepin are called the "Mother of all Chile" they are a small round and very hot chile pepper about the size of a pea. They grow in the wild only and are native to Texas and northern Sonora Mexico. For the last couple years, a cousin has grown a small patch of chiltepin successfully, so this year I decided to try my luck at it. I bought seed at about forty dollars a pound and planted fifty thousand plants in between my pomegranate trees. The crop did exceptionally well and as of today, I will finish harvesting them. I have them all out on large plastic tarps drying right now. Online, they are the second most expensive spice on the planet, which is good for us I guess. The chiltepin is not a very popular chile, but it is up and coming and soon to be in great demand as even buyers from China are over here trying to buy it.

Last winter a record frost killed all the wild harvest, so this year we expect the price to soar even much higher than it is now.
Have a wonderful year folks.
Just more fuel for the mind.