Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting ready for spring!

    Hello everyone sorry haven't posted in so long but the life of a farmer-rancher-toolmaker-writer and of course dad, is busy especially this time of the year. I've been planting more pom trees trying to get in another 15 acres so things are quite hectic. We are nearly finished so hopefully it will calm down a little anyway. 
   I was watching the news the other day about the guy who flew his plane into the IRS! In a way I don't blame him at all especially after reading his manifesto on his web page, it was amazing. What he had to say is so true that it's time us "sheeple" wake up before it's too already is. The super rich and the big corporations have a free ride like he says and the hardworking american taxpayer bails them out when they're in a bind! What a crime!!!!!!! And then when some poor man has a hard time paying his taxes (unconstitutional by the way) Watch "Breaking the Invisible Shackles of the IRS" by Sherry Peel Jackson. Google it and watch it and then tell me what you think!!!!!
I guess this was the only way he could fight back. But God forbid! He is called a terrorist and criminal! What about our forefathers that fought their own government????? Were they terrorists? What about the civil war. Were they terrorists? What about Andrew Carnegie when he had five hundred of his striking workers killed. Why wasn't he called a terrorist? I'll tell you why, because he was a billionaire and could do anything he wanted to and get away with it. Man I could get into some good conspiracies right now but we'll save that for later....gotta go back to work. Good day folks. 


Joe Cap said...

It is too to comment on anything quite that deep, let me just say that it is good to see you are still here. I can imagine how busy you must be with your hundreds of kids...

Ian said...

Glad to see you back and I cannot wait for Spring. Winter can s**k it!

Jhon said...

Sounds like your keeping busy!
Congrats on being a grandpa again!
I heard the good news!!

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Kendra said...

did andrew carnegie really do that?? that's horrible, disgusting, outrageous, and so on and so forth..and they make him look like such a great guy in the history books!