Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shopping at Hell-Mart!

    I have a new name for Wal-Mart, Hell-Mart. My latest experience went like this. I forced myself into Hellmart one day and bought a 12v/USB port, cost 14 bucks. Headed outside, threw the receipt in the garbage and went on my way. One month later it quit working. I was pissed off. Normally I would have thrown it away and bought another one somewhere else, but I though, "This is bullshit, can't them damn Chinese make anything that works longer than one month?" (No offense to the Chinese who make good products) So I forced myself back into Hellmart and after waiting in line for like a century, I asked if I could just exchange it for a new one. "Oh hell no," said the underpaid employee. "It has to be in its original package and with a receipt."
   OK numb-nuts, why would I save the damn plastic package. I bought it to use, not to store on a shelf in its original package just to look at every day! And why would I save the flippin receipt, you damn birdbrain? It's only 14 bucks, for crying out loud! Am I going to break the poor billionaire owners of Hellmart with a 14 dollar item? The poor owners who only make 36 billion a year, 98 million a day! WAKE the HELL up America! Don't you know Hellmart has bankrupted this country? Do you actually think that by saving 4 cents on a tube of Roll-aids you're getting a good deal and helping America? Oh hell no...HELL NO I say! You are spending much more of your hard earned money than you think. You are stealing jobs from your father, mother, son, daughter, cousin and friend and in turn sending them to the welfare office to collect money that you helped put there which in turn causes your taxes to be raised, which in turn, duh....costs you more money. And that is only one of the NUMEROUS ways Hellmart SCREWS the American worker. You are also arming a communist slave trading nation at an alarming rate. A nation who vowed to KILL ALL WESTERN DOGS! (Remember the 70s and 80s?)
   Did you know Hellmart takes out a life insurance policy on ALL of its employees? And when an employee dies,  Hellmart gets up to ONE MILLION dollars. And this money goes to its executives like CEO Lee Scott who made 29 million bucks in 06! Did you know that 90 % of all Hellmart employees have an income below the poverty line? Do you know that Hellmart avoided 2.5 billion in income taxes just because they can? Did you know Hellmart has bankrupted millions upon millions of hardworking genuine American companies and forced the owners and employees to lower their standard of living and seek help from good old Uncle Sam, which in turn is your tax dollars. Did you know there were 70-80 class action lawsuits against Hellmart for wage violations. Did you know that your local Hellmart store costs your community over 400 grand a year in public assistance programs and state and government subsidies? That's just ONE Hellmart store. So, who funds your community if you don't? Once again, shopping at Hellmart is COSTING you way more than you can imagine. Did you know that if Hellmart raised its prices by just 2 cents per dollar - a 2 dollar pair of socks   made in China of course, would only cost 2.02- they could give their poverty stricken employees a yearly bonus of 7200 dollars and it wouldn't cut into their minimal profit margin of only 36 billion a year! Do you know how much money Hellmart pledged to donate to Chile......a paltry one million dollars! Oh but I forgot to tell you why. Because they just recently leveraged out and bought 58 percent of D&S grocery chain in Chile - Chile's largest grocery store- and will soon put them out of business when they move in.
   So go ahead America, continue "saving" at Hellmart and soon we'll all be forced to live tents in their parking lot working for them and in poverty of course, especially when a Chinese dictator is siting in the White House, because we just wanted to "save" a penny or two at Hellmart. WAKE UP!
   I made a personal vow- "Avoid Hellmart at all costs."
   Peace WON'T be with you till you do the same.


Bendigo said...

My wife worked there at one time and we had some bad experience with them. So we only go there when nothing else is open or last minute (Only catch all store in our whole town). I would rather go to a Wal-Greens and pay a little more or longs (yeah I know they changed the name). I can get most of what I need on my way back and forth from work, so it isn't too bad. I agree with alot of what you said...Walmart is definitely not concerned about the worker. Sadly they become more and more powerful with each passing year.

Anonymous said...

After I saw "The HIgh COst of Low Prices" I stopped shopping there. It has been about 6 years since I stepped foot in there. I prefer Target, Costco and Walgreens if I am desperate. Very good post. I hope you are able to spread the word!!!!

Joe Cap said...

I don't shop Hell Mart, I never knew why, just something about it never enticed me, even though we have one close to us.
Now, I know why after reading your post! I personally like Super Target.

Jhon said...

I always new Hell-Mart was screwing us over.
I prefer to shop at Walgreens or Target.
I think its sad what they do. They are definitely Really unfair to their employees...
By the way what ever happened with the flash drive???

Desertson said...

I'm so glad you guys, and gals, are with me on this one. It's great to see someone who see's the "light" in this matter. And I just touched the surface of what Hellmart has done to its employees and the USA. I say boycott the bastards!
I flipped a bird at hellmart and went to apple and bought one that is built to last.

Kendra said...

well personally I like HELLMART:) jk..I like Target a hundred times bettter..it's just convenient..but then again, people living in tents in HELLmart's parking lots isn't really convenient is it??

Emily said...

I made a vow never to shop at Hellmart again a couple years ago, yes I will admit Ive broken it a few times but after reading this, I can assure you I will never spend another penny at Hellmart!! what is this world coming to??? Keep up the goodwork Lafe!