Sunday, April 11, 2010

Joe gives the scammers hell. You rule Joe!

Just got back from Shadow of my life blog. He is downright hilarious! I'll bet those scammers are wetting their pants in anticipation of his complying with their stupid requests. I want to give Joe an award, he deserves it. So come on over an grab it. If you want a good laugh get on over to his blog.


Joe Cap said...

Gee, Mr. flatter me. I was just killing time over the weekend.
Thank you sir. You did not include any rules, but I bet I can make some up!

camdilbeck said...
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Bendigo said...

Give em hell Joe. It's nice to see the scammer getting a little payback. I've been enjoying that exchange between you guys...AND you are a kick ass blogger..Grats!