Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thoughts for Reflection

What is life all about?

Is it about focusing your entire life on climbing the ladder of success and wealth?

Is it about spending all your time and energy seeking fame and worldly praise?

Is life one continuous party?

Is it all about sports and your favorite sports heros?

Are any of the above, virtuous, or admirable qualities?

Name one person who successfully achieved the above and died, or is still living for that matter, a happy and fulfilled person, surrounded with true friends and a loving family.

A big problem with relentlessly seeking wealth is, (1) You inevitably step and grind on others to achieve your goals. (2) You invariably neglect your family and friends. (3) You are stressed out and unhappy, unless you are sleeping;-)

The problem with a continuous party is, (1) You normally acquire some very bad and addictive habits. You never seem fulfilled in life and you never can seem to make ends meet. And much more won't mention.

The downside of being a sports fan is (1) You are worshipping idols, which is forbidden in the Bible. (2) Once again, you neglect your family in favor of playing sports, or watching your favorite sports heros.

After years of seeking some of these "virtues" I have come to the conclusion that life is (1) Not about the above, but about family and friends.
(2) It's about being content with what you have and seeking joy and happiness.

To really find true joy and true friends, one must give of his means and of himself. That is the fundamental example Christ gave in his lifetime on earth. He gave of himself.

Now that my friends, is fuel for the mind.

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