Sunday, November 15, 2009

My second Award!

 First I want to thank Bendigo's Rage for giving me this award. I also want to thank him for mentioning my blog and my daughters singing. I want to acknowledge Bendigo's blog here also. I enjoy reading it and it keeps you coming back for more; great blog.
Now for the things my readers don't know about me...hmmmm,
#1 It took me thirty minutes to try and post this award to my sidebar and I still failed...darn!
#2 I only went through 5th grade (home school) dad needed me too much after that...ouch that hurt my ego!
#3 I am highly skilled in several my ego doesn't hurt so bad.
#4 I make the best coffee...mmm, especially when I roast my own beans in my coffee roaster.
#5 When I was 12 years old, I fell off a horse and broke my wrist...there it goes again.
#6 I have over four hundred books in my shelves and have read most of them, some twice and even thrice.
#7 I took me way too long to think of all this...what a cop out!

    As for the rest of the rules. I will check out the blogs Bendigo mentioned...when time allows...and more then likely follow some of them and then finish what I started here!



Bendigo said...

time to make some coffee!!!!! I think that is awesome to roast your own...very cool stuff!!

Desertson said...

Oh man!!! The very best tasting coffee is fresh roasted for sure. You can order green beans online and $150 coffee roaster and roast your own to however you like it...mmmmm good going.