Friday, November 20, 2009

What is your favorite "thing" about Thanksgiving?

    Thanksgiving is almost here...yesss!  It's my favorite holiday for sure. There are several things I like about Thanksgiving, but I want to know, what is your favorite part of the holiday? I like visiting with friends and relatives that come...and the food...and the, no I'm kidding. The whole week is a blast, but let's just have your favorite part, ok?


Bendigo said...

I get to see everybody...That's got to be the best part of it....There have even been a few Thanksgivings where we were reunited with family that had been out of touch for years!!!

I can hardly wait for Thursday :)

Ian said...

Well, there's really two things for me. #1 FAMILY and #2 reflecting on what I am thankful for, just so happened that I blogged about it today (