Thursday, December 24, 2009

From my book, Kids Who Tell It Like It Is. Something to keep you smiling for the holidays.

More accurate a true words have never been written.

   Jeffery's mother was teaching school and today she had a special assignment for her students.
From their several spelling words, she wanted them to use their imagination and write sentences with them. Jeffery bent over and carefully studied his words. Two of them, "born" and "ouch" stood  out like a skinned knee.
    "This is a cinch," he thought, as he penned this stark reality.
    "When I was born, my mom said ouch!"


Bendigo said... wife promises it was more than "ouch" great post !

Joanna S said...

Don't know if you can use this but... When our oldest was 5 we visited La Mora. He went down to the river to play with Aunt Jenny and a bunch of the kids. Some of the kids were throwing sand at him and he got indignant and angry. Jenny asked him "What kind of kids are we raising around here?" and he said "Naughty ones, that's what!"

Joanna S. said...

Another time an Aunt came to visit us. She showed up after the kids were in bed, bringing a male friend. In the morning, our 6 year old tiptoed in while they were asleep. Not realizing that there were two people there, he came running to me, aghast, saying "Aunt Debbie has a BEARD!"

Joanna S. said...

After watching too many hunting movies with my husband, 3 year old Heber ran over to Daddy with a stick. He said "Daddy, I want you to make this a bow, so I can shoot a big deer, and walk up to it and say 'What a buck!!' "

Joanna S. said...

5 Year old Sarah had lost several teeth, so jokingly, Mama sang the "all I want for Christmas is my front teeth" song, and asked her if she wanted her teeth for Christmas. Sarah looked at her Mama like she was crazy, and said "No, I want presents!"

Desertson said...

Thank you, I will use them in my book.