Saturday, December 5, 2009

My turn to rant!

Of Murder, Mayhem and Mexico.
Mexico does not have the  death penalty. The vilest of criminals, if caught, go to jail for a maximum of only 50 years; if they don't have money that is. With money, there is usually a way out of jail and back to whatever put them there in the first place. Due to the extremely low wages for law enforcement, many police officers and military are bribed or in some ways forced into joining the drug cartels. Here they make mega dollars for protecting the drug shipment routes and defending their territory. This is why most of the assassins that work for the drug cartels are professionally trained ex-police or ex-military-turned violent criminal. These murderers have no conscience whatsoever. They glory in their crimes and live for the next kill. Also, since it is such easy money and there are little or no consequences for their actions. Many ex-police officers are getting into the "sport" of kidnapping and extortion.
Due to the avaricious appetite for drugs in the USA, it is only going to get worse in Mexico. All of this could be solved if (1) Mexico would reinstate the death penalty for any politician or government employee or ex-employee convicted of accepting a bribe that results in someones death. Or, other crimes like treason, murder, kidnapping and all heinous crimes against humanity. And (2) if the USA would legalize drugs, just like they did alcohol. I believe this would eventually eradicate the whole problem. If a derelict wants to do drugs, he will get them some way or another. There is no law that will stop him. And now because of the laws made to benefit the drug dealer, he is a criminal. But the Congress of the United States will not legalize this vile business, because it is just that, big business!
    In 2008-2009 there were over 2 kidnappings per day in Mexico! The victims will not go to the law because they get threatened with unconstrained retribution. And, the law is usually involved in the crime! Also, the law rarely solves the crime or arrests the perpetrator, resulting in the loss of their loved ones. Mexico is now the country with the highest rate of abductions in the world!
    On a personal note. I pin the blame for this corruption entirely on the Catholic Church and in my next post I will explain don't get offended.....yet.


Ian said...

Go for it. Preach on, I for one don't get offended easily. Waiting on the next post...

Bendigo said...

I too wait anxiously for the next post. I agree that something needs to be done. If they are making movies about these disgusting acts then that should be a clue of how common they really are.

plainolebob said...

Desertson, that is the true meaning of seperation of church and state., not God and state.
The Arabic nations have a similar problem, the Muslim faith is the control of the country thus controlling the future thinking.
When a particular church rules, then you are under the teachings of that church, and that influence of teaching is very hard to overcome.
VERY good read.

Ian said...

I'm back and dropping a note to let you know this post has been nominated to receive the best "Rant" of the year award. Good luck!