Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sayings. How did they evolve into such nonesense?

I made a comment on someone’s Blog and it made me think. What did I say that for? What does that really mean?
So, I decided to jot down a few common sayings and try to decipher them.  I'll start with the one I wrote in the Blog.

Funny as hell 
Did I hear anyone laughing down there? Who said Hell is funny?

Cold as hell
OK, who’s been down there and checked the temperature lately? I always heard about fire and brimstone, but not snow and ice.

 It’ll blow your mind
 Now that would be a disgusting sight I can assure you.

 You’re driving me up a wall.
I have never seen someone drive up a wall in my life, have you?

 You can’t have your cake and eat it too
Now this is a good one. Every year my wife makes me a cake for my birthday and…I EAT IT!  "Honey, here's your cake but sorry, you can't eat it. You have to go feed it to the chickens!"

Straight as a die
Do you even know what a “die” is? I can tell you this much, there’s nothing straight about it!

 Going out of my mind
I didn’t know you were in your mind in the first place! But please let me know how you got out.

 Slower than cold tar
OK, is “hot tar” fast or what? The only time cold tar moves is when it’s in the back of a speeding truck.

 She’s built like a brick sh*t house
I’ve heard this one from all you male ego’s out there. That equation is terrible! Who ever said ANY sh*t house was beautiful is LOCO!

 Dumber than a post
Do you have something against posts? I must be in the stone age because I didn’t even know posts had brains. They do their job just fine by standing there holding up the fence.

Scared the hell out of me
Why do we insist on associating “hell” with everything and everyone?

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink
Not if you have a stubborn horse. I’d like to see you pull a 1000 pound bucking bronco.

 Sicker then a pig
I have a friend who has a pet pig that actually saved his owners  life from a house fire. The pig sleeps in his bed with him and his wife!

Holy crap
What an oxymoron!

You totally cracked me up
Wouldn’t that be a sight?

Made you sit back and say mmm…didn’t I?


Anonymous said...

I like to look up the history on some of these weird terms we use so readily. It's often pretty interesting.

Like, Pig in a Poke (ewwww)!

Great post.

Bendigo said...

I have to say I've often wondered about many of the same ones you mentioned.... If you know the history on a couple of them, it sure would be some good info...

Ian said...

Indeed, another great post!

Kendra said...

everytime I say 'holy cow' my mom tells me not to say that cuz only God is's funny how you just pick up stupid sayings like that without thinking..nice post..

Desertson said...

Yah "holy cow" is another one. I guess over in India somewhere cows are holy but over here we feast on'em yumm...t-bone steaks sizzling on the grill!

Desertson said...

I just have to comment on this one. "Cute as a bugs ear." I don't know about you but I've never seen a bugs ear but they must look awful scary.

LaMoraGirl said...

how about "good night!" or "I swear!" there's so many of these sayings that I think people including myself say because we have a bad vocabulary, and just old habits die hard!....we got a book at the library once that had a ton of sayings and were they came from....very interesting...but I cant remember one...heh