Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's day to all you dads out there.

I was expecting a thumbs down father's day today since I'm a thousand miles away from the lovin' wife and family, but my boys surprised me this morn with a $220 pair of Ecco shoes and a $400 benchmade Infidel auto! The girls bought me a wallet, belt, shirt, candy...mmm! Little Tim's bought me a "cool laser flashlight, huh dad." After the presents were opened we all piled in the truck and headed down to New Orleans to The Aquarium and spent the day there, it was fun. Got to see the world famous white alligator. After that, I was starved so we headed back to all you can eat crab legs...mmm! I also got a happy father's day call from the best part of me, (my wife) and all the kids back home. It turned out great after all and I'm a happy camper with my new Benchmade toy, I can't stop switching the blade in and out!
 Hope you all have wonderful family and friends and enjoyed a happy fathers day. Wish you nothing but the best in life.
Now that my friends, is fuel for the mi....well fuel for me anyway.


Jimmy said...

Thank You Sir and a Happy Fathers Day to you also, heres looking at you being back with the wife and family soon.

Joe Cap said...

Wow, sounds like a cool Father's day!
Happy Father's day to you!

Meechy said...

too bad I wasn't there and could give you the Father's Day footrub you deserve! just have Jeanette do it for me ;)