Saturday, August 14, 2010


Wow! I can't believe it has been almost two months since I last again! Ever since I arrived here in Baton Rouge it has been pure slavery from dawn till dark every day. I get home to my son's house and am so tired I normally go strait to the shower and bed. But hooray folks, I'm almost finished with the house I built. Just lack to install windows and doors and I'm outta here! It was a huge two million dollar home on a nice river and I'll get some pics up soon for all to see. When I left my home I didn't realize there are places on this world where you have to have an AC unit mounted on your back at all times or you'll melt right where you stand....oly cow it is hot and humid here!
    So much has happened in the last two months it seems I just lost track of time and space. I'll try and keep up from now on but can't make any promises with all that's going on in my life. A few days ago on the job I dropped the sawzall off a wall and it bounced off the ladder and hit my leg and ripped a huge two inch long gash in it. I had to run down to the drugstore and buy some butterfly bandages to pull the gapping wound back together so it would heal. A few days later I was sawing a board when it slipped out of my sweating hands and of course slid down my leg, tearing the bandage off and ripping my poor wound wide open again....arrrrrg! If any of you heard some awful foul language echoing off the mountains or city walls that day, sorry it was me for sure. Now I'm going to sport a huge scar on my leg for the rest of my life...wah. It'll just add to the many other ones I have so no big deal.
Hope all is well with everyone. May God bless.


Joe Cap said...

Man, you really need to be more careful! That could have been lots worse.
I can imagine what you are going though with the humidity, it is terrible here in north Texas.
Are you going to be MOVING to Baton Rouge??

Desertson said...

Joe- No, just came up to help my son who lives here and runs a construction company. He had so much work he was getting in over his head so he called and asked me to come up and help him till the work slows down. I'll be leaving back home in a few days...thank the Lord:)

Jhon said...

I was in Louisina for a couple days and man it was HOT and HUMID!
Iv missed reading your blog.
Good to know your still alive!
what you going to be doing when you go back Home?
Working on the Trees?

Jimmy said...

They say it's not the heat but the humidity--I think they are lying because when it's hot it is just that.

Glad to see you back my friend and hope your project winds down real soon minus any more injuries.