Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home at last!

    News Alert! I'm HOOOOOME!!!!!!! After twenty nine hours of driving, most of it across Texas, I arrived home safe and....well sound I think. The drive over the mountains into our valley was spectacular. Large thunderstorms were showering rain and lightning up and down the valley as I drove down into it. And best of all, the desert smell after a rainstorm.......WOW, nothing else like it! After resting up for a day with the family, I had to check on my pomegranate orchard to see how it was doing. Also drove down to the ranch on quads to check on the cattle. Everything looked good and it's great to be home again, thank the Lord.
    Before I left Baton Rouge, the boys took me out deep sea fishing in the gulf and we had a swell time catching over fifty speckled trout with a few mackerel and red snapper. What was so interesting was watching the sharks try and eat our fish as we reeled them it. Several times when we had a fish on the line a large eight or nine foot shark would leap out of the water and gulp down our fish then disappear below the surface dragging the line until it broke. It was exhilarating for sure. Sometimes as we desperately reeled in a fish, a shark fin would suddenly break surface and follow it and then disappear for a few moments until suddenly our pole would almost break and the line would snap as the mighty beast stole our catch. The movie JAWS surly came to mind each time this happened. I was beginning to wonder if one wasn't going to jump up and bite our small boat in half....! We were in a small twenty-three foot fishing boat and probably would have made a tasty snack for one of them great whites.
    Still haven't finished either of my books but hope to be done soon. I'm still collecting funny sayings from the mouths of children, so if anyone wants to share them with me I would love to put them in print. Trying to get at least two hundred pages. So far I'm at one hundred and fifty, so we're getting close. Children sure are a riot. I still get a good laugh from reading through it time and time again.

    On a different note, the State legislator just passed a law prohibiting texting while driving. Ok so I know they don't have anything better to do than pass absurd laws to "protect" us helpless sheeple but when are they going to get the drift? How much money do they need? If you are caught texting, its a one hundred-seventy five dollar fine! OK, so what about putting makeup on while driving? Or, hollering at your kids while driving? Eating while driving? Talking to your passengers while driving. I sincerely think they just need to put a auto camera on every corner and in every car that gives you a ticket if you fart louder than fifteen decibels! Or if you scratch your butt while driving, or walking for that matter. Actually, I have a better idea, so you scoundrel politicians take note. Why not make it simple and pass a law that forces everyone who works and is productive, to just bring their paychecks and credit and give it to the "all-knowing and mighty" government and then get on welfare and live like the rest of the unproductive world? That would solve all our problems, since you know what's best for us dumb brutes. I wouldn't be surprised if the likes of Nutsy Peeusky and Hillbilly Clinton are already considering this world problem solving idea. Wake up America and kick them in the ass out of office!
Now that my friends, is fuel for the mind.
Have a great day.


Jimmy said...

It always feels good to get back home, I sure would have enjoyed the deep sea fishing trip you described, I bet it was pretty amazing to watch and have a brief fight with the sharks stealing your catch.

This scenario does remind you of the politicians and I agree with you 100% we need to wake up and get the whole bunch out of office.

Joe Cap said...

I bet it was awesome to arrive home and have your huge family welcome you!
No doubt you will have some GREAT blogs and photos for us in the near future.

Jhon said...

Definitely Glad you Made it Home Uncle Lafe!
Iv missed reading your blog!
I look forward to reading your books and also seeing pictures and such from your trip!

Emily said...

Lafe you are an amazing writer, you make me laugh, I love reading your stuff, cant wait to read your books.