Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's roundup time!

    Roundup time is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only is the weather usually perfect, with cool temperatures, but the ranch is a perfect setting for working the animals and having fun at the same time. The corrals are near the river where the kids can fish and swim and the ranch is far enough away from home that we have an excuse to set up tents and act like were in the wilderness on a camping trip. This year started out terrible with no rain but the monsoon season was great so it ended on a positive note. We worked over six hundred animals, so for me it was much more work then spending time with the kids, but it was great. Next year we expect over eight hundred animals. Due to the size of the ranch, the roundup took about ten days with nine hired cowboys. Over all, we had a blast, especially the kids.

    I just had a brain fart and to change the subject here, I noticed that most of the bloggers (including me) who used to blog nearly every other day, have slowed down to posting once a month or longer. What's up with that Lafe? (speaking to myself)
I have a fb page and a webpage and this blog to upkeep so I have an excuse...hmm...not!
I also noticed that all of my blogging friends no longer visit my blog, waaaah, boohoo, poor me. As you can tell I'm feeling sorry for myself even though I know it's 100% my fault.

    Now for some fuel for the mind. If you want humor. If you want to laugh out loud. If you want some serious comedy. If you want a peek into the innocent minds of children, then you must read my book Kids Who Tell It Like It Is. You wont be disappointed.

Now that my friends, is  a little fuel for the mind. Good day folks.

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