Saturday, October 3, 2009

I need suggestions on a title for my book.

    It has been five years since I started writing my books and they are all...except one, nearing completion. The problem I have is that every time I read a chapter or two, I want to change it a little here and there and so I'm never going to finish if I keep this up. I should just give it to someone to edit it for me and then be satisfied. I still haven't decided on a name either....any suggestions? My first book is an autobiography of myself and family. We have had a very interesting life. From moving to Mexico and living in a tent for twelve years and traveling over a dirt road for five hours that resembles a cow trail to many other experiences that most would find shocking and incredible. My next book is a collection of true sayings from the mouths of little children that are downright hilarious. Each saying will be accompanied by a cartoon type caricature depicting what the saying is about. My last project is a book about the circumstances surrounding the kidnapping and assassination of two peace activists in the state of Chihuahua Mexico. The title of my first book is The Big Family, but I want to change it so I need some suggestions. The next one is titled Kids Who Tell It Like It Is. I might change that one also. Any ideas? The last one is Of Murder, Mayhem and Mexico. That one I like so we might keep it that way.


Madison said...

This was (or is)the LIFE
This is My Life
Life as I knew it
Life in these united states...haha just kidding
life life life..
What of it?
When we were young
The joys (instead of days)of our lives..haha
Lafe Langford Tells It How It Was!...haha
Life in Mexico
The Ever Growing Family
The Good Life... sorry I cant get away from the word LIFE!
Expressions of our that wasnt life...heh
Yes There Was Love...haha
The Story Of my Life...
sorry Im stuck in reverse!... I'm not getting anywhere...
and be prepared I'll have more

Jaime D Buckley said...

I like some of these suggestions. Though I don't know exactly what is encompassed in the book, I would, from your descriptions above, consider:

-In The Potters Hands.
-Real Life.
-Our Choice.
-Lafe In The Fast Lane. (couldn't resist)
-On Purpose.

I would want to read a book about a family if they were bold, unusualy titles that made me grab the book and read the rest of the cover. If you're unique (and I know you are), then say so.

Just my two cents.

God Bless,
Jaime D. Buckley

desertson said...

Thanks very much for the input, I will consider all suggestions.

Lite On Words said...

Great, heartfelt, Inspiring, touching blog! Will become a follower and reader... as for a title for the childrens book how about this:
"Kids: Straight from the (or their) mouth" keep God Bless you and yours!

Anonymous said...

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