Sunday, September 13, 2009

Early every morning and sometimes in the evenings, I get me a hot cup of coffee and sit down at my computer and try to write at least one page in one of my three ongoing books. Well they're not books yet but I like to call them "books" anyway. I'm trying to finish my "Kids Who Tell It Like It Is" book first, so of course I focus more of my time on it. I'm still looking for a unique artist with a great sense of humor. I have at least 30 drawings I need done to describe some of my "Kids" sayings. Again the artist that comes to mind is Bill Watterson. His "Calvin" caricature reminds me so much of the kids in my book. Of course I know I'm not getting Bill to draw for me, but I know there is someone out there who can do as good or better.


anty-m said...
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anty-m said...

michael knows an artist by the name of Jaime Buckley (a cartoonist) look him up on google...he said he might do some drawings for you if you get in touch with michael