Thursday, September 17, 2009

More, more, more, I WANT MORE SAYINGS....pretty please.

    I just know that in this gigantic family and out there in the big wide world every kid has his "moment" of fame...or infamy, with a funny or frank saying. Mothers, just reach back into the dark corners of your mind and pull out some of those fading memories of when your kid said something so funny your eyeballs nearly popped out of your head with laughter. I know you have them, you just have to put some WD -40 on that rusty old part of the brain that keeps memories and loosen up those cogs a little, then write them down and share'um with me! Dads, I'm sure you have a few that you can remember too. So quit playing warcraft or halo for a few minutes and send me some...hehe.

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★ Hollie ★ said...

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I enjoyed reading your blog btw!!